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How to Implement SEO with Chris Morin

Four knowledge-packed tips on search engine optimization from the founder of

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How Restaurants can Succeed Online with Bruce Irving

Bruce Irving tells his story and how restaurant owners can bet put themselves on the map.

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How Restaurants can succeed during COVID-19 with Bruce Irving

Bruce Irving, the visionary behind, dining expert, and host of the Smart Pizza Marketing podcast sat down with Zack Oates, CEO Of Ovation, to talk about how restaurants can survive right now. Below are Bruce’s top four tips!

Using TVs to improve customer experience from

What does it take to create an unbeatable customer experience? Great entertainment, personalization, and the tools to say “thank you”! There’s no denying that the ever-evolving retail, restaurant, and service industry faces more competition today than ever before. With big-box franchises encroaching and a growing dependency on e-commerce, small businesses no longer have the luxury

5 Mobile Tools to Help You Hire Faster

**AVAILABLE NOW: COVID-19 E-Book: 7 Tips and 21-Point Checklist to Prepare For Reopening. Download Your Free Copy.** ———————————————————————————————————————– With the unemployment rate at 3.5%, the lowest in 50 years, hiring great employees feels more like a challenge than ever. Finding a delivery driver, server, bartender, cashier, or cook to join your team can take anywhere from

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Dos/Don’ts & Text Marketing Ideas

5 Tips for dos/don'ts for text marketing and some ideas of texts that you can send out.

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Why Text Messaging WORKS!

The main goal for any Short Message Service (SMS) program is to bring in more new and returning customers. It’s a low cost marketing strategy and highly effective when done right.

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How to Respond to Reviews

**AVAILABLE NOW: COVID-19 E-Book: 7 Tips and 21-Point Checklist to Prepare For Reopening. Download Your Free Copy.** ———————————————————————————————————————– While online reviews are a megaphone for your customers (for better or worse), you have an ability to have a direct line back to them and to share your side of the story–responding to online reviews. (of course,