How to Engage Your Customers with Nate Mills

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Nate Mills is the brand manager for Atmosphere, the first ever streaming service built for businesses, and has over 10 years of experience in the industry. In this episode of “Give an Ovation”, he and Ovation CEO Zack Oates discuss what restaurants can do to keep customers more engaged and grow their brands., and how Atmosphere can help. Here’s some takeaways from the podcast to wet your appetite: 

What is Atmosphere? 

Atmosphere is a streaming services that provides high quality engaging video with plenty of channels. Their flagship channel, ChiveTV, streams family friendly, entertaining video that doesn’t need audio. It also offers other channels like RedbullTV and America’sFunniestHomeVideosTV. Oh, and it’s free. 

How does Atmosphere help with customer engagement? 

For many people, going to a restaurant or a sports bar is more than just about getting food. It’s a night out for entertainment with friends, and they’ll probably stay awhile. This is great for restaurants because the longer people stay, the more food and drinks they’ll buy. Typically people watch whatever game is on the restaurant’s TVs, like Sunday Night Football. But what about when the game’s not on? Atmosphere can provide other entertaining videos to help people have a good time around the clock. 

How can the little guys compete with the well established chains for customer engagement?

So, you’re not Buffalo Wild Wings. But there’s probably something you have that they don’t. “What’s your differentiating factor?”, Nate asked. In order for the David’s to beat the Goliath’s, they need to find what makes them great, and really hang their hat on it. 

Make sure to check out the whole podcast, and all other episodes of “Give an Ovation” at, YouTube, or your favorite podcast platform. And don’t forget to visit! 

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