Becoming a SMART Restaurant During COVID-19 with TJ Schier

"The great brands out there have had a very forward thinking off-premise strategy."

The 4 Things You Need To Know In The New Normal with Wilson K Lee

4 tips from serial entrepreneur and restaurant consultant, Wilson K Lee.

5 Steps Restaurateurs Must Take During COVID-19 with Crafton Bryant IV

As the former head of marketing for Metro Diner and Bloomin' Brands, restaurant consultant Crafton Bryant talks with Zack Oates about using down time created from the corona virus, merging operations and marketing, and more on this episode of Give An Ovation.

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Keeping Restaurants Safe During COVID-19 with Steven Mandernach

5 tips on sanitation and navigating the new normal with the executive director of the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO).

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Advice For Restaurants In The New Normal: 5 Tips with Ann Rolke

Ann Rolke shares some of her expertise as a strategic marketing and communications professional with over 20 years in the restaurant industry.

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Reducing Risk In Restaurants Post-COVID-19 with Dr. Ben Chapman

Five expert tips and other insights from North Carolina State University Professor, Ben Chapman.

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How to Manage Reviews, Loyalty and More With Seth Weinert

Co-founders of Ovation share how businesses can manage reviews, loyalty and marketing today.

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How Restaurants can succeed during COVID-19 with Bruce Irving

Bruce Irving, the visionary behind, dining expert, and host of the Smart Pizza Marketing podcast sat down with Zack Oates, CEO Of Ovation, to talk about how restaurants can survive right now. Below are Bruce’s top four tips!

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How to Use Text Marketing with Derek Morgan

VP of Customer Success at Ovation shares why text marketing is so effective, and how you can implement it successfully.

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How to Overcome Recruiting Challenges With Joe DeSimone

Joe DeSimone, an expert in recruitment, shares what restaurants can do to hire and keep people, and how Source One Hospitality can help.