sign that says local
Local Longevity: How Your Business Can Succeed with Dave Loveland

The founder of Keep Local Alive, a platform for business owners to tell their stories, shares 4 tips on how local businesses and restaurants can truly become a part of the community.

people brainstorming
Rethinking Restaurants In The New Normal: 5 Insights From Henry Patterson

Senior Partner at Rethink Restaurants chats about building effective relationships, navigating COVID-19, and even gives a little shout-out to Ovation.

phone with google review
How To Respond To Reviews with Tom James

Five-star expertise from the founder of Overall Reviews.

electronic billboards
5 Screens and 4 Tips: Effective Outdoor Advertising with Lee Houghton

Soundbite after soundbite from OOH expert and Outdoor Media Senior Consultant at Yesco.

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How To Be An Exceptional Manager with Sean Taylor

Founder/CEO of Up To Par Management and Taylor Hospitality gives 4 tips and other information on hiring well and running a productive team.

lots of security cameras on a wall
Staying Smart and Secure: 5 Essentials for Restaurateurs from Brock Weeks

CEO/Founder of Savi shares advice for restaurants based on expertise he's gained from providing solutions to top brands such as Burger King, Kneaders, and others.

paper saying "marketing strategy"
Raising Your Advertising IQ With Joe Mediate

CEO and Founder of Webociti shares 4 insights and other expertise on how restaurants and retailers can reach customers more effectively.

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Love + Service + Care = A Successful Restaurant with Fred Glick

President of Amergent Hospitality Group, Inc. shares 5 insights on how to be a good restaurateur and a good person.

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The Recipe For Success – How To Increase Profits with Mark Kelnhofer

President and CEO of Return On Ingredients describes four crucial actions restaurant owners must take to make money.

How to engage with customers
How to Engage Your Customers with Nate Mills

Nate Mills discusses the importance of engaging your customers in your restaurant, especially when it's not football Sunday.