The Post-COVID 19 Restaurant: What To Expect with Cory Warfield

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Scheduling can be a nightmare for managers and employees. 

If you’re reading this, you probably know exactly what we’re talking about. 

That’s why Cory Warfield, a former waiter and shift manager created ShedWool, a scheduling tool that has saved time and worry from many a restaurateur. 

Cory was the guest on this edition of “Give An Ovation”, where he and Ovation CEO Zack Oates discussed Shedwool and the future of the restaurant industry. Here are some takeaways: 

1. Get Smarter With Your Scheduling

While ShedWool was started with restaurants in mind, municipalities, hotels, manufacturers and companies from the whole spectrum of industries are using it because of its ease of use and versatility. It’s intuitive user interface allows you to easily keep a schedule full and lets employees work at better times for them. To see how they can help you, visit

2. New Spacing, Scanning, Sanitization 

It looks like we aren’t getting over this whole COVID thing any time soon, so it’s worth investing in what you need to in order to provide a clean and safe guest experience. Fortunately, creativity loves constraint, so new solutions are hitting the market and becoming cheaper. “I hear and see a lot of innovations. You know, people are basically flocking to find solutions across the board”, said Cory. 

3. Raise Prices, Reduce Portions

In order to pay for all that COVID-19 requires, don’t be afraid to do what’s necessary to thicken your margins. Cory pointed out that customers will understand. If they really love your restaurant, they’ll be happy that you’re staying open even if it requires a slightly smaller burrito. 

4. Get Creative With Your Upsells

It’s essential right now to be asking yourself, “how can we get a few more dollars per customer visit?” For example, Cory mentioned how Olive Garden offers 5 dollar take-home meals for the next day’s lunch. It’s a convenient solution for the guest, and let’s be honest, it didn’t cost Olive Garden anywhere close to 5 dollars to make that pasta.  

5. Take Action On Guest Feedback

If you don’t know how your customers feel about all you’re doing post-corona virus, then what’s the point? Do whatever you can to keep an ear on the ground, and then act on what you find. 


Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out the whole podcast, as well as other interviews with restaurant/business gurus by checking out “Give an Ovation” on YouTube,, or your favorite place to listen to podcasts. 

And don’t forget to visit to learn about some of the easiest and most affordable scheduling software on the market, and follow Cory on LinkedIn to hear more from him. 

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