Righteous Slice Case Study

There was ONE tool they kept through the pandemic. Find out why it was Ovation.

Increase in Review Velocity
Reviews Gained on Google
Negative Reviews Blocked
Stars Earned on Google

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The problem...

Ovation software and tools were implemented to skyrocket their review velocity, boost online reputation, gain customer feedback, creating more foot traffic, resulting in increased revenue for Righteous Slice. 

Ovation software and tools boosted Seven Brothers’ online reputation, gained customer feedback, and increased revenue. By collecting more data and making it easy to use, they were able to harness more foot traffic and better target their customers. 

"I totally love the results that I get with Ovation! Our restaurant gained more than 800 new reviews, and we were able to earn 4.7 stars on Google. This has helped us gain business because without any effort on our part we get better search engine results. "
Bill Crawford

In the beginning...

Righteous Slice was a small pizza startup hoping to make it in a big college town. While their amazing pizza made happy customers,  they wanted to find a tool that could help them both boost their Google search presence and maintain existing customer relationships via customer experience management. 

The goal was to find an all-in-one tool that could create repeatable results to drive foot traffic, collect customer feedback, and boost their online presence in Google searches. 

Cracking the code...

Using Ovation software, Righteous Slice was able to dramatically boost its review velocity on Google, receiving 800+ reviews within a period of 20 months. With the amount of positive reviews being a significant metric for Google search rankings, their business skyrocketed!

Using Ovation’s customer feedback tools, they were able to effectively communicate with their customers by intercepting negative experiences and collecting valuable customer feedback.

The owners of Righteous Slice couldn’t be more pleased by their results using Ovation! In fact, it’s the only marketing tools they’ve used that has been able to deliver consistent and measurable results to boost their growing business!

See how Ovation can help YOUR brand in 2 min

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