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Ovation is more than reviews--it helps you manage your guest experience on- or off-premise. 

91% of people will not do business with you again after a bad experience, and will never tell you--because it is too much work. 

Ovation makes you money by easily recovering unhappy customers in real-time.

  • One integrated solution for all your guest experience
  • Automatic invites to join your loyalty or other marketing programs
  • More reviews from sites that drive business
  • Instant tools to bring guests back
Desktop and app for Ovation

Holy ****, it worked! In just one location we got 16 new 5-star Google reviews TODAY, all from Ovation. Plus 14 pieces of thoughtful feedback that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

Andrew Lampach, Biddy O'malleys & Boozyburbs
Desktop and app for Ovation

Easy, Real-time, & Makes You Money

You can't help restaurants communicate with over ONE MILLION people without learning a thing or two.

That is why we enable you to find and fix problems promptly and personally better than any other company.

Did you know that 79% of people don't share their experience because it is too much of a hassle? Well 85% of people would take an Ovation survey before any other kind. Why? That's part of the magic--it is simple for your customers and simple for you.

At the click of a button, you will have over 91% of dissatisfied customers happy.

Don't take our word for it though!

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to Get Actionable Guest Feedback™

No Customer App

100% text-based

On- or Off- Premise

We meet the customer where they are

Instant Responses

Instantly track your team's responses

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At first I wasn't sure if this would help me...but I was blown away. Ovation's feedback tool is worth every penny.
Paul Morris
Restaurant GM
It was the easiest and least expensive avenue to move the needle. Definitely recommend!
Ron Spann
Restaurant Owner
I don't know what the new normal will be, but customer service is always king. Ovation is key!!
Paul Cryer
COO Nationwide Restaurant

Know thy customers.   -Ovation 1 : 1

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