Seven Brothers Case Study

Finding a tool to meaningfully connect to customers to provide “more than a meal”.

Increase in Review Velocity
Customer Data Collected
Negative Reviews Blocked

The problem...

Seven Brothers was looking for a tool to increase traffic to their locations and boost their online reputation.  With locations across the continental U.S. and Hawaii, it was important to find a tool they could effectively use in every space.

Ovation software and tools boosted Seven Brothers’ online reputation, gained customer feedback, and increased revenue. By collecting more data and making it easy to use, they were able to harness more foot traffic and better target their customers. 

"OVATION kills it. Good, patient, understanding team that truly cares about the success of your business! "
Seek Hannemann
Service Director

In the beginning...

With the mantra to be “more than a meal” and to treat all customers like family, Seven Brothers needed a tool that could help them spread this goal and to effectively communicate with everyone that came through their doors. 

The goal was to collect usable customer data, drive foot traffic to their locations, and to connect with consumers in a meaningful way. 

Cracking the code...

Using Ovation’s reputation & satisfaction and automated marketing tools, Seven Brothers was able to boost their online reputation, private customer feedback, and customer data. 

Ovation’s customer satisfaction tools allowed Seven Brothers to easily identify the wants of their customers and to effectively respond to unhappy customer feedback privately while maintaining a positive online reputation.  With the success Ovation brought them, Seven Brothers consolidated their marketing programs to only using Ovation, since it was the only tool bringing measurable and repeatable success!

Today, the process continues and is now boosting the success of every Seven Brothers location in the continental U.S. Ovation is helping them bring the spirit of Aloha to all their customers. 

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