Sweeto Burrito Case Study

They found a lever to drive revenue and improve their business with Ovation

Increase in Revenue
Redemption Rate
Increase in Tickets
Reduction in Labor Cost

The problem...

Sweeto Burrito was looking for a tool to drive significant traffic to their locations. Even though they were collecting customer data, it was hard to find a way to meaningfully use it. 

Ovation software and tools were implemented to boost online reputation, gain customer feedback, and increase revenue. By collecting more data and making it easy to use, more foot traffic resulted. 

"Our text marketing campaign through Ovation allows us to talk directly, nimbly and cost effectively to our customers on a platform they prefer to engage and more importantly transact on."
Paul Cryer
Ntnl. Director of Franchise Ops & Procurement

In the beginning...

Before joining forces with Ovation, Sweeto Burrito was using several marketing tools, but wanted to see even more reward from their efforts. They had collected a lot of customer data, but had no meaningful way of using it to make an impact.

The goal was to consolidate their various marketing tools, drive foot traffic to their locations, and find a repeatable model to boost revenue. 

Pulling the lever...

Ovation implemented its data collection tools in each Sweeto Burrito location and instantly boosted the online reputation, private customer feedback, and customer data.

Ovation’s text marketing tools allowed Sweeto Burrito to easily communicate with their customers by responding to unhappy customer feedback privately and sending out deals to happy customers to increase traffic.

Today, the process continues and is now boosted by data-driven marketing campaigns that gives Sweeto Burrito lever to pull any day that guarantees an increase in revenue and more customers coming through their doors! 

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