Kid to Kid Case Study

A way to connect with their customers in real-time that provides real results for 200 locations.

of Customers Take the Survey
Negative Reviews Intercepted for Private Chat
Increase in 5-Star Online Reviews

The problem...

Kid to Kid needed a way to communicate with consumers across their 200 retail locations while providing useful tools for store managers. Wanting to encourage an increase in return customers and maintain a positive online reputation, they needed a a way to intercept negative reviews while still receiving this crucial feedback.

Ovation software and tools gave Kid to Kid the ability to repair relations with unsatisfied customers and gain company improving feedback in a controlled environment without sacrificing their online reputation. 

"Every once in a while you make a single decision that changes everything for the better... We are able to connect personally with the customer and find real solutions. Our ratings have improved across the board and invoices are up. Ovation is just the partner we needed in this review driven market. "
Amy Lofgreen
Marketing Director

In the beginning...

Kid to Kid was created to provide a quality and upscale experience for resale children’s products. Therefore, maintaining a connection to customers of the store to improve on this experience via feedback is essential. 

The goal was to provide a controlled medium to resolve customer complaints while maintaining a positive online presence on Google search and reviews. 

Ovation implemented its software tools and instantly boosted the online reputation, private customer feedback, and customer data of Kid to Kid.

Ovation’s text winback tool allowed Kid to Kid to recover relationships and business with dissatisfied customers. They were able to collect meaningful feedback to improve their business through a controlled and private medium.

Today, the process continues and continues to help Kid to Kid boost its online reputation and improve its relationship with customers! 

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