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This FREE eBook has 6 tips put together through dozens of interviews with industry experts to help you own the on- and off-premise customer experience.

Get the 6 tips to make sure you don't let a third-party delivery system own your customer experience.

Don't Let 3rd Party Delivery Drivers Own Your Customer Experience

We have interviewed dozens of the most respected industry leaders to compile the top six things to help you own your customers--no matter where or how they order and experience your brand.

In this FREE eBook we'll go over the keys to measuring, improving, and creating incredible customer experience on- or off-premise.

Reviews are too little too late. People hate long surveys. So what are you to do? Download and find out!

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Paul Cryer
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What's Inside? You'll learn how to...

1. Take Control of the Delivery

Third-party delivery companies are not only taking a huge bite into your revenue, but also into your customer experience. 97% of people have had issues with third-party deliveries. Learn how to fix that!

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2. Make it EASY to Give Feedback

Why do over 90% of people not give feedback when something goes wrong? Because it is too much hassle! Get tips to what’s working to reduce to the work and increase the feedback!

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3. Collect the Correct Info

If you have to keep your feedback questions to fewer than 6, what do you ask? Why? We dive into how we get 18x more customers to complete a survey by asking the right questions.

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4. Make the Survey Timely

If you wait a day to ask for feedback, you’ve already lost the customer and probably gained a new 1-star review. Learn tips on meeting your customer where they are.

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5. Take Action: Prompt & Personal

If a response is prompt and personal, you can get customers to spend $14-$20 more. What does it mean to be prompt and personal? It is a lot easier than you may think.

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6. Fix the Root Issue

Each piece of feedback that isn’t 5-stars has operational implications. Find out how the Japanese inspired philosophy of “kaizen” can improve your business. 

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Know thy customers.   -Ovation 1 : 1

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