How Restaurants Can Succeed Post-COVID-19 with FanWide

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FanWide is a digital platform that helps fans find local watch parties for their favorite teams, and helps sports bars bring in new customers using promotional tools.  They’re also partnered with professional sports programs such as LaLiga and the Rugby League International Federation. As you can imagine, they’ve got a lot of experience in the restaurant industry, so we were very thankful to have FanWide CEO/Founder Symon Perriman, and VP of Sales Scott Johnson join Zack Oates on this edition of “Give An Ovation”! Here were 5 strategies they offered to assist restaurateurs as they reopen post-COVID-19: 

1. Prepare For Less Revenue

Most governments are attaching heavy restrictions to restaurant re-openings, such as reduced capacities. We’re talking going from 250 to 45 people. New consumer behavior will also decrease sales. More pick up/delivery means fewer appetizers, up-sells, and “one more drink”s. But there are solutions! If you’re a sports bar, consider charging door entrance fees for the next big game. Everyone can consider tip pooling and look and how they’re distributing financial resources. The more prepared restaurants are, they’ll be able to mitigate the lack of revenue.  

2. Train Your Staff On Empathy

People skills are becoming more valuable. Reopening restaurants in some locations are required to temperature test every customer before they come in the door. Americans aren’t used to these kind of privacy invasions — there will inevitably be problems. It’s going to take very high levels of empathy from staff members to appease customers despite all the weird parts of the new normal. 

3. Host A Virtual Cooking Class With FanWide

FanWide has created a smooth process that allows fans of restaurants to cook their favorite dishes at home while tutored by the chef over video conference. With prep’d meals delivered,and interactivity with the chef, it makes for a great family event on a Friday or Saturday night! The guidance, script, and promotion provided from FanWide makes it a great revenue stream for restaurants. Interested? Reach out to FanWide! (Contact info below.) 

4. Change Things Up

The biggest mistake you could make would be to think things will be like they were pre-covid. So take this time to innovate! Creativity loves constraint. 

5. Get Ready For The New World

“You gotta get ready for the new world, and technology is going to drive it”, says Symon. He pointed out that the restaurants who have fared well throughout the pandemic have been those who have embraced technology, and the same will hold true going forward.


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