How To Maintain Revenue During COVID-19 with Jake Lyman

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Hownd is a company that specializes in creating good problems for restaurants and businesses, such as too many customers to handle or so much traffic that you need a new location. They’ve been especially influential during the COVID-19 crisis by helping restaurants sell Buy Now, Visit Later Support Vouchers which help restaurants keep up revenues during the pandemic. They also happen to be an amazing Ovation partner, so we were super excited to have Jake Lyman, VP of Sales at Hownd on this episode of “Give an Ovation” to offer 3 pointers and other insights on what restaurants can do during these unprecedented times. Here’s a brief summary of what he discussed with Ovation CEO Zack Oates: 

1. Get Scrappy and Be Flexible

Jake noted that, “the market has shifted, so we need to shift with it. Being flexible like that is key”. It’s crucial to implement curbside, takeout, and delivery if you haven’t already. He also gave an example of a restaurant that pre-pandemic would close after lunch, but decided to extend its hours until 10:00 PM and has seen success. Do whatever it takes!

2. Sell Now, Serve Later

Selling gift cards or vouchers is a great way to keep money coming in and weather the storm. As noted, Hound specifically helps promote vouchers and encourages these over gift cards due to ease of use and universality. You don’t need your own in house gift card system for customers to redeem their vouchers. After Hound gets your customers in the door, Ovation will help you interact with them through actionable feedback and get them back through the door. Win-win! 

3. Do Good In Your Community

There are so many people with new and sudden needs that can be served if restaurants are creative. Some are delivering groceries, others are working with hospitals to provide for health care workers, etc. Your restaurant can have a great positive impact!


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