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Who is he?

Author, Restaurant/Retail Tech CEO, husband, father, entrepreneur, & hot tub aficionado*.

*Not in that order, necessarily.


Zack Oates is an author, husband, father, entrepreneur, and hot tub aficionado (but not in that order, necessarily). 

He was voted Top 100 Entrepreneurs, rang the NASDAQ bell, won the world’s biggest business competition, and started 3 companies. 

After going on over 1,000 dates, he finally met his wife and wrote a book called “Dating Never Works…Until it Does,” which has 100 lessons from 1,000 dates. 

He received his MBA from BYU and did customer experience consulting for fortune 100 companies. He took his dating and customer experience consulting to start his current venture: Ovation. Ovation is The Actionable Guest Feedback Tool for restaurants and retailers where he serves as the Founder and CEO

He speaks and does guest posts focusing on customer experience with sub-topics of customer communication, online reviews, innovation, text marketing, building relationships with customers/employees, and personal improvement . 

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It took Zack over 1,000 dates to find his wife and he has 100 pieces of advice to help readers from first contact, to great dates, to overcoming heartache, and all the way to a happy marriage.

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