Empty restaurant closed for covid-19
3 Locations Closed from COVID-19 but still Building

Right and left it seems like restaurants and businesses are closing their doors, hoping they weather the storm of COVID-19/Coronavirus. However, some businesses are finding new opportunities to grow their brand, create new business solutions, and stay strong during the panic. Ovation CEO, Zack Oates, spoke with Ethan Cisneros, Founder of Thirst Drinks to learn

Lessons from COVID-19 for Restaurant Owners

It’s no surprise that the outbreak and ensuing pandemic of COVID-19/Coronavirus has changed life as we know it in many ways. With roughly 20 states shutting down restaurant dine-in services as well as various counties within the remaining states following suit, restaurants and restaurant owners are having to restrategize their operations. In the latest episode

How Restaurants can Survive Coronavirus/COVID-19

Wash your hands.  Coronavirus.  COVID-19.  Quarantine.  Wash your hands.  These are likely the most popular words you’ve been hearing for weeks now with the COVID-19 outbreak and what is now being referred to as a pandemic. However, this virus is affecting much more than our toilet paper supply. Small business and restaurant owners across the